052/365 – Coca-Cola’s Secret Recipe Revealed?

052/365 – Monday, February 21, 2011

This American Life claims to have found a published copy of the recipe in a 1979 issue of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Coca-Cola’s recipe:

Fluid extract of Coca (3 drams USP)

    Citric acid (3 ounces)
    Caffeine (1 ounce)
    Sugar (30 pounds)
    Water (2.5 gallons)
    Lime juice 2 pints (1 quart)
    Vanilla (1 ounce)
    Caramel (1.5 ounces or more to color)

7X flavor (Use 2 ounces flavor to 5 gallons of syrup)

    Alcohol (8 ounces)
    Orange oil (20 drops)
    Lemon oil (30 drops)
    Nutmeg oil (10 drops)
    Coriander oil (5 drops)
    Neroli oil (10 drops)
    Cinnamon oil (10 drops)

Read the full story: Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Listen to the radio program’s podcast here.

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