019/365 – Higher!

Flickr: tatopuig

019/365 – Wednesday, January 19, 2011

“Higher, Daddy, I want to go higher!”

Here’s a quick snapshot of my weekend excursion with Caro & Dani to the Lakefront.

Shot with my trusty iPhone. No cropping or any editing besides applying a filter with the Instagram app.


  • Push Daughter (as hard as you can).
  • Kneel Down.
  • Snap Picture.
  • Get Out of the Way Quickly (before you get hit on the head).
  • Apply Filter.
  • Share on Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, Facebook or via email for those averse to Social Networking.
  • Repeat as Desired.
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2 Responses to 019/365 – Higher!

  1. mjcache says:

    top shot

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