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Eye in the Sky

Originally uploaded by tatopuig

Being a WordPress newbie, I’d never thought about an icon or picture for a blog.

However, while playing around with the settings, I ran into this option… Luckily, I had some shots on my Flickr account that were cropped square and I though that this one was the most appropriate for this blog.

This is a shot of a skylight located in the middle of the Monorail platform at the TTC, the Transportation and Ticket Center (Ticket & Transportation? I’ve heard it both ways!) at the Magic Kingdom.

We were waiting to load the monorail but weren’t able to do so because one of the doors was malfunctioning and the castmembers would not let anyone on until it was fixed. So I started to take pictures of things around me to pass the time. And while trying to keep the crowd out of the frame, one of the few options was to literally shoot the ceiling.

This is a very special shot for me since it is the first (and only one, so far) to be showcased in a Flickr Gallery. The gallery is called “Look Up!”.

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