New Year’s Resolution / Project 365 Coming Soon!

And here we go again… I just got re-inspired to write a blog over the holidays.

Of course, the logical next question arose as to what the topic or theme of this blog would be, a hobby? compulsion? addiction? obsession? well, not really…

The concept of a Project 365, on which a new item is posted on each day of the year is a pretty straight-forward one and an attainable goal if things are kept simple.

So, in order to start getting on the groove I will probably start very simple, posting links to videos or articles found on that day, lessons learned, funny stories, or interesting pictures taken… nothing too personal, after all, how well do we know each other?

There may be more than one post on a single day, but I do promise one post a day at a minimum… I will do my best to keep THIS New Year’s Resolution (along with the usual “work out more”)…

Next step it to come up with a format for the title, post… etc.

See you on the New Year… It’s going to be an exciting one!!!

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